Aug. 16th, 2011

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Today I am at home with the lurgy - I got rained on last night at the kennels and then the car trip home did me in. It's always cartrips like that, in cold & damp weather, that really wreck me so today I have a really sore throat and a temperature and will lounge on the sofa, play too much Mario and Plants vs. Zombies and just be full of glee.

Considering I often step on Fumble because she's between my feet it'll be interesting to cope with our pup. It was all set to go very wrong indeed - we couldn't reach him via phone so we just headed out but when he finally answered his mobile he said he was down South and could we come back another day? After some negotiating he said we could try and catch his wife at home so we went on. Well, when we arrived no one was in, only his hunting dogs greeted us with rather raucous barking, but thankfully wive was at Zumba with a neighbour and heard the dogs at said neighbours house so they came zooming in. She put Roxy, the mom, into the garden and she and her friend played with the pups and handed us the two wee bitches. I liked the wee one I was holding but the one in Thomas's hands really caught my attention - she just wasn't scared and her tail was wagging and wagging and wagging!

They were a rowdy bunch and there was a lot of nipping at shoelaces and tugging at trouser bottoms and tumbling over each other. The girl we picked kept on trying to climb back over the wooden enclosure to get back to us - I take that as a good sign. She was the rowdiest one of them all and I do wonder what I've let myself in for.

I was wondering about the set up as he had several kennels with dogs in his garden but I think it's ok. We chatted to his wife and she told us it was Roxy's first litter and she had her eyes and hips checked by the vet to make sure she wasn't passing hereditary problems on, the dad was imported from Rytex kennels which have a good reputation and they don't overbreed the dogs, either. She says Roxy will probably have one more litter in a couple of years and that's it.

Roxy was an absolute sweetheart. We met her at the backdoor and she scampered around the kitchen and greeted us with nothing but sweetness and insisted on having her belly rubbed - in fact we barely managed to get her back out in the garden, she was loving the attention way too much.

Overall I had the feeling of very happy working dogs that were well-behaved and well socialised and even the puppies, considering they were only 5 weeks old, were very calm and social even though their mom wasn't there when we interacted with them.

Meike has wee button eyes, a wee white star on her chest and three white toes on her right back paw. We pick her up on the 9th of September.


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