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  • dog crate + bed (36", restricted access at first to be enlarged as Maike grows)

  • 2 baby gates (one for upstairs where she'll live while we're out, one for kitchen so cats don't slip out when we're toilet training every 20 minutes)

  • Maglite 4D (so I am not too scared to go out into the garden with her if she needs to go at night)

  • dog mattress topper (dog mattress bed to be bought when she's bigger, 3 Peaks stuff from P@H is grand)

  • weird blue-striped horsey chew & cuddly toy

  • puppy waggle and puppy Kong (to be stuffed and frozen for entertainment and teething)

  • squeaky wiggly cuddly pull toy

  • buckwheat cuddly rag thing that can be warmed up

  • wee puppy treats

  • dog whistle

  • clicker (all for recall training, first order of the day so I'm not nervous about letting her off lead later)

  • puppy shampoo (thank goodness she's a working Cocker, not only my favourite but also less trouble when it comes to grooming)

  • disposable travel bowls (for the glove compartment)

  • dicky Bag, hand sanitizer, poo bags

  • goat's milk

Still waiting an ebay seller I bought bowls from to get back to me and he isn't so I need to do a quick emergency shop for two wee bowls at P@H. Only problem now is that the dogfood the breeder's wife said he feeds doesn't exist anymore - she must've gotten it wrong.

This is my girl. Or one of her siblings, it's actually quite hard to tell!

I should maybe update about work or something but tbh I cannot be bothered. I love my colleagues but we keep on getting screwed around by management and it's just too frustrating to think about. Hope everyone is keeping well!


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