Oct. 9th, 2011 10:29 am
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This is the first weekend we can take doggie outside!!!!! We visited Grandma up in Portstewart and I went crafting and all the crafters cooed and awwed over Maike, which she enjoyed very much. I wasn't going to take her into the shop but Sarah (shop owner) is pregnant (eeeee!) and with her wheelchair and bump she couldn't really navigate to see her so Thomas carried the pup inside. The groomer round the corner cut her nails for us while chatting with us and didn't charge for it, which was really nice, as well.

I have cancelled my audible membership and grazebox subscription and joined the land of iPhone owners (if my checks go through, eff knows how these things get decided), can't wait for my new baby to land at the end of the month.

In other news, OUCH. I had a nasty fall on the stairs yesterday - when they put the new flooring in, the carpet layers decided to ignore the hole in the floor and instead of filling it to just carpet over it. I thought it was just a missing floorboard underneath but now that the carpet has some give I found out, to my ankle's great pain, that it is a great big bloody whole on the landing. Down I went, with the laundry and everything else on top of me, cursing. Knee scraped bloody and a twisted ankle that looks slightly misshaped today - OH sent them an angry email so hopefully the landlord will get it sorted as its a menace.

Today we're taking Maike for another walk and then we're off to Ikea and the afternoon will be spent cleaning & tidying fun. Oh, and the cats need to be Frontlined - I have iffy bitemarks that itch like the devil after Fumble slept between my knees.

And now I have to go, the bitch has stolen my trousers!
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