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Usually we like to do something, take a day trip to a museum or the planetarium, but this year we're just grateful we both have half a day off together. I have a stinking cold and was wondering why it wasn't getting any better - I didn't turn the heating on all day yesterday to save oil but looking at the thermometer in the kitchen this morning it was 12C so maybe that's why I am feeling worse today. *lightbulb*

We're seeing the new Muppets film this afternoon and when shall just cuddle on the sofa - I've made my usual cake, it's just not the 14th of February without it. Even my mom whines if I'm home and don't make it so that's saying something.

The house is a slow but steady progress. We redecorated the rooms upstairs and while my mom was here we bought lots of boxes but we still haven't managed to empty the downstairs desk, carry it upstairs and free the space for a dining table.

It's all very domestic at the moment but with the commute & work hours I have no energy for more exciting things. Hope everyone is having a good day and just spoil yourself with a nice box of chocolates or a funky bubble bath - that's the main reason Valentine's Day exists, in my book!


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