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I haven't posted in AGES - first I was too stressed, then I was too busy, then I was just having too much fun. But I guess I should update this thing here more often! But there's not much I can talk about. Work is better, we're on a new schedule which means I don't work late so often. The 70 mile commute remains, even though the keep on promising to move me closer but can't get themselves sorted out.

The wedding, well.

On 01.02.2013 we're having the registrar's ceremony with closest family here: Bangor Castle After wranglig briefly with German bureaucracy we decided to FTS and do it the easier and prettier way.

Then, on the 22.06.2013 we're having a big celebration and proper ceremony in Germany.

These are my shoes: Photobucket

This is my favourite dress at the moment: Sincerity 4546

We'll sort the caterer next month when we're in Germany.

The big problem now is that my ID is.... somewhere. I don't know where. This could pose a problem, both for making it to Germany and for giving notice at the Town Hall. Oh well, I'm *sure* it is somewhere.

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OMG, these shoes are gorgeous! *loves them* And the castle looks very romantic! And the dress is so beautiful! Awww!
Good luck with finding the ID card!


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