Jun. 28th, 2012 09:41 am
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There was a horrendous downpour yesterday, thankfully the world started to end about 20 minutes after I arrived home - extensive flooding in Belfast meant that quite a number of roads I usually take were not passable. That didn't stop people from trying and so it transpires that most photos of the disaster seem to be of PSNI riot cars stalled in the floodwater with the police officers standing on the roofs of their cars. Like so.

How dense can you get?

Oh, and of course Ulster Bank has had problems for about 10 days now. What it means for us? It's the end of the month, today is payday and neither me nor my other half got paid. Which, frankly, sucks. Esp. as we're still under an Amber warning and I just really hope I make it back home tonight, cause this is a road I often take and was originally going to take yesterday: Maybe not...

I guess I have to be grateful for the chaos the Queen caused around here because all my usual routes lead me past Stormont so I went across the countryside.

I have a really bad cold and have to drive halfway across NI for Microsoft Word training and afterwards work til 8. Wish me luck - maybe I should wear a wetsuite and pack a kayak, just in case.


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