Jun. 17th, 2011 05:55 pm
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Today is kind of ragey and tedious and I keep on getting in trouble on the internets by being controversial (in my view read: sensible), it's been pissing down since early morning, I've done some really boring editing & proof-reading and am now watching PoA with a cranky cat curled up next to me. To cheer myself up I'd just LOVE to buy the Believable Bronzer at mallybeauty.com but they don't ship to the UK and it's wayyy more expensive over here (if you can even find it, which is an issue in the first place).

I bought Grapefruit juice so I can feel virtuous about my diet at breakfast time and I still hate it. Bitter, brrrr. The end.

ETA: Just joined Shades of Summer to cheer myself up.
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You learn too much about people you might prefer to admire from a distance. Brian Cox? Bit of a twat. Kirstie Allsopp? Won't shut up. Neil Gaiman? Can't let a thing go when he shouldn't and is currently being sycophantic about Margaret Atwood and the remote signing he just did when I distinctly remember him calling her a twit for doing the exact same thing.

Ah well. That wee rant just needed to come out.
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Whew, let's hope those dodgy roof tiles stay on, shall we? It's stormy and cold and I am under the weather so I've popped LotR into the dvd player and shall be watching it on our new fantastic 42" telly. It looks so good I really don't see why I ought to be getting the Blu-Ray version that comes out soon.

I'll spend the day writing things, like the 'about me' section for my homepage - can you say oh horror? We spent Saturday in Belfast, first shopping (a good bargain haul of pretty bowl scrapers 75% off, a Soho Spice rack for a tenner instead of 40£ and an apple & berry pie half price - all Avoca) and then seeing Spamalot. Phil Jupitus is adorable and he had his usual specs on and he was good but it was still a bit like watching your dad in the community play. Jodie Prenger is gorgeous and has a great voice but she just comes on wayyyyy too strong. Not a subtle singer, and Sarah Ramirez clearly remains queen.

Yesterday MiL came over - cue frantic cleaning & tidying, but I think the visit was a success and the pie came in handy. I have to say, for being from the famed Avoca cafe it was nothing special and the pastry was cardboardy.

Oooh, my Steenbergs haul came down with her (had accidentally gone to my old address) and I have a wealth of new spice mixes now that I cannot wait to cook with. They smell fabulous, they are freshly imported and freshly mixed to order so you know you are getting good quality. The Madras Curry powder smells divine.

And I think I'm allergic to Fenugreek as I bought some and it makes me sneeze. Right, I shall put up my achey knee, relax my achey back and make my sore throat another cup of tea. Bah.


May. 20th, 2011 04:50 pm
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How are you today? I am just foine, thank you - it is freezing cold (9 C this morning!) and the next week will all be rain and highs of 11/12 degrees. I should be about to make our Friday night curry (sssh, it's totally a sauce out of a jar tonight. not usual for me but my cooking mojo is gone AND the Bangor ASDA didn't have ANY coconut milk. no wonder I usually never go there.) but sudden sleepiness has set in and just thinking about getting up is taxing. What am I like?

Though this post is really just an excuse to use this icon - I might've re-watched the entire run of DW 5 until 1am last night. I was punished for it with a monster headache all day but totally worth it as it's the first time I've felt fannish enough about something to make an icon in YEARS.

Is there any good fic out there? What communities should I join? Please keep in mind that I've been fandom abstinent for the last 3 years or so.
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So first that woman gets shot in Portstewart, now we've moved down here someone was shot about 3 miles from here and THEN someone was stabbed yesterday in the street where we repeatedly looked at a house to maybe buy, inflation is getting worse and NI is just a dead end for jobs in my industry. I mean, a local independent school was advertising for a teacher and they were paying 11000£ a year, full-time.

Also, I miss my family. I think the only thing I'd really miss about the UK are the supermarkets and the variety available. And to be honest where I live is pretty rural, so no local Starbucks. But there are nice supermarkets & cafes, I have family nearby who are as much a comfort as they are a cross to bear and we could have my gran's house; besides, my mom could do with the support. I know I wouldn't have too much trouble setting up shop there and Thomas' skills are sought after, only his language skills aren't up to scratch though in certain IT branches even that wouldn't matter.

I have a lot on my mind these days.
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A sunny, pleasant weekend is coming to an end and OH and I have achieved many things. We hired a van and loaded furniture and unloaded furniture (unloaded a full-to-bursting Ford Transit within 20 minutes cause it needed to go back to Enterprise pronto!), emptied crates, vanquished spiders (there are spider nests everywhere and every now and then a window is suddenly covered in at least 30 of the tiny buggers that we then need to get rid off - the nests are on the outside of the upstairs sash windows and there is no real way to get at them) and overall had a good Easter.

I also bought a goodly number of pots and about 30 strawberry plants - window boxes, hanging baskets, everywhere you can put a strawberry plant there now lives a strawberry plant. We hired neighbour Jim to mow & strim the very overgrown and stubborn lawn and hopefully at some point I will have money to buy some garden furniture.

Money is tight after my recent car troubles - I still need to replace that tyre and car tax is up, too. Add to that the fact that the company from my recent translation job keeps on sending me apologetic emails about their new bank and dodgy payment system but I still haven't seen any money (three frigging weeks behind payment!!!) and things are a bit tight.

Hon only has to go back to work for two days and then is off again on Friday, so that's a very god thing.
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There is sunshine and everyone is walking around with sandals and airy blouses and I'm sitting here in a cardy and scarf cause I have a sore throat and a nasty sinus headache. Being surrounded by noisy kids doesn't help (local Starbucks is mommy-central for lunch) - and when I went to wash down a neurofen I discovered a fly in the dregs of my iced Chai Latte. Pfffffft.

Another thing that doesn't help is still sleeping on the airbed, but we had to cancel our order with next since it took them blimming forever and we can't order with someone else until the refund comes in. There's something to be said for companies that only bill your account once stuff gets sent out.


Apr. 13th, 2011 10:02 am
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Starbucks internet, I love you.

Still no bed, had to cancel order, but at least fireplace has been plastered into the wall, wall has been painted bright coral, we have a plush red sofa (Ikea Kivik with chaise), Benefits office is being a pain in my arse (I had to put in a complete new claim, including ending my 'training' and will have to set up a new Steps agreement).

Oh, and my car started making strange noises and when the tyre place couldn't find anything wrong and told me it probably was the driveshaft I just wanted to strangle the thing. Just came back from the lovely mechanic they recommended who is wonderful and had one of his strappy boys take the tyre off and clean everything and fix it back on. Nothing actually wrong with the car and it only cost me 20£ instead of the anticipated couple of hundred. Though of course I had money in my account for a digital DSLR that was planning on buying before our trip to Edinburgh on the weekend that I now kept in there as a car repair fund. Now it's to late to buy the camera. Oh well.

Overall it has been very stressful BUT I am not nearly as stressed out as I might be - I feel actually quite relaxed. So that's something, I guess. Love our wee house. Pictures to follow.

Hope everyone is doing well!
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Shiloh the naughty beasty has taken to bringing in mice as presents for my MiL - only her latest offering was still alive and is currently taking refuge in her bedroom. Guess who's not pleased? So we lifted all boxes and suitcases up on the bed, and locked both cats in the room and all I can here is MiL poking her big stick behind wardrobes/crevices and every now and then shouting "There it is, Fumble. Fumble! Fuuuuuuuuumbleeeeee!!!!!" *more crashing* "Useless cat!"

It is both hilarious and horrendous and I fell as if I should be contributing more than documenting Maureen's trials on the internet but.... you have to admit it's quite funny.
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Arrived in Holywood, signed contract, went to Estate to get keys (landlord big lovely National Trust-type estate), went to house..... filth everywhere, floor not replaced yet, two big dirty concrete RAILWAY SLEEPERS in the middle of the living room holding the laminate down.

Not good at all. Went back to estate office and said house isn't really inhabitable, phoned guy in charge, very very apologetic, house will be prepped for us and we can (hopefully, finger crossed) move in next Thursday. Wasted chaotic kinda surreal day.
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ETA: Moving in tomorrow, keys at 11, rent in cash, stupid idiots but at least that's sorted.

Thomas just rang and they will generously allow us to sign the contract and pay the first month's rent tomorrow but the landlord has decided to paint the house and won't let us in. Thomas has booked time off work, our things are packed, this is SO NOT ON!

I rented a house with pink kitchen walls and a wooden floor in the living room and I am getting a house filled with magnolia walls and cream carpet. Eff off!
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I'm watching the live stream of Hugh Laurie's blues concert and wondering where best to get a copy of the leaked unreleased Bowie album from 2002 that has apparently shown up on torrents. I love the internet.
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Just had Christians canvessing door-to-door and was quite impressed by the way MiL slammed the door in their faces. I just tell them I'm a witch and my OH's an atheist, that shuts them up, too. Coming from uber-Catholic Bavaria I am still surprised by the zealousness here, it's a mix between partisan division (naturally) and hardcore evangelicals that I find disconcerting.

Signs that you cleaned out the big chest freezer - you're having leftover Christmas vol-au-vents for breakast, the out-of-date ancient Quorn sausages your friends gave you before they moved to China are in the bin and you are wondering how to transport all that ice cream safely to the new place.

I'm trying to decide what books to use my audible credits on and browsing randomly to find those just-so stories for building Ikea furniture to. OH just sent me an email and he's booked my car for its MOT so at least that's one thing off my to-do list. Realized yesterday it's up on the 31st of March, never got a reminder letter.

My car is half loaded but shlepping heavy crates with books is no fun if you're wrists are RSI-ing, my asthma's acting up and Thomas has caught yet another really bad cold. It's going to be a fun weekend. (OMG, house!)
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It's spriiiiiiiintime - and I haven't had it this bad for a while. Not too bad on the allergy front, thanks to seaside-living, but oh man, my hormones. Oily forehead, dandruffy hair, chin full of spots, a rash in the weirdest places.... seriously, kill me now. I'm off to battle my face with a LUSH facemask and try to get my hair to cooperate.

Seriously, how *do* teenagers survive? It's been so long for me I can barely remember!


Mar. 21st, 2011 01:02 pm
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I might have lost my temper in the Job Centre this morning and told the customer service lady that if I as a business person was giving my clients as much wrong advise as she's given me over the last couple of months I wouldn't be earning any money. She gave me a clenched "well, this information is correct!" and sent me on my way. And guess what.....? Yeah, right.

And then the receptionist at my doctor's asked me for my weight, in front of a huge cue of people.

I felt a bit silly feeling nervous about these two errands to a degree where I felt queasy and OMG since last Thursday or so but this morning confirmed my hunch. And that I handled it all without problem so really should be more confident about dealing with these things.

Moving day in 3 days! I just bought a lime green kettle for my bright pink kitchen, my beefeater loo brush arrived and my Oreck vacuum cleaner was shipped. I'm starting to feel like I will actually get a handle on my house once we've moved in.
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Saw the cutest bunny at Pets at Home today, caramel coloured with a ginormous beard, it was so adorable and funny. They have a lovely bunny coop for cheap, as well.

Have I mentioned that to my surprise there's a big allotment behind the house that actually belongs to us? Hmmm....
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has a move-in date (next Thursday), a halfway good plan of how to buy the furniture & get it delivered most effectively, the bad feeling that landlord went ahead with the carpeting and a mother in law that sticks her nose into everything. OTOH, in ten days I'll have my own home again.


Mar. 15th, 2011 05:20 pm
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Mom was in the MRI tube as our GP has suspected for weeks that she has slipped discs - she poo-pooed it but it turns out that she has two slipped discs and several bent ones. The therapy consists off" stop lifting anything heavy.

Considering she always takes the oldies shopping and has to carry all their bottle crates and 10kg stockpile bags of flour she is not amused.

Poor mom, I so wish there was a way for me to be closer and help out.
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It seems to be a given that we have the house - we didn't notice rates weren't included in the rent (the estate agents had that message nowhere in the ad, just in the flyer they gave us during the viewing when we were distracted) but we also didn't notice that a garage *is* included, so it's tit-for-tat, really. There was some toing and froing yesterday about getting a reference from our landlord even though we'd told them AND noted on the form that we were living with relatives but they FINALLY called me (Thomas doesn't have his mobile on at work and no phone on the desk) and things are proceeding.

For some reason the landlord is replacing the laminate in the living/dining area with carpet which got a big NOOOOOOOO from me (he doesn't have to hoover, with long-haired cats in the house!) so hopefully he'll not do it. He should rather replace the ugly stained pepto pink carpet in the 2nd bedroom.

Anyway, today we're waiting to hear back from them about a moving in date - they've already asked when we want to pay the deposit & first month's rent and the answer to that would be, of course, once we've signed the contract and have been given the keys.

I'll spend the day packing, anyway.
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