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One of the nice things about moving is that it gives a great excuse for shopping on the 'net. Iron? Ordered, a nice shiny yellow one that supposedly is extremely green and environmentally friendly. Coming from someone who is quite proud of the fact 'I never iron' it seems funny that it was No. 1 of my Very Important Household Purchases (VIHP). I am also awaiting one vintage printing tray I got from the bay plus a package from the craftshop with two more fake-vintage printing trays - all for home decoration purposes, of course, just like the other crafting goodies that fell into the basket along with those trays.

Oh, and then there are of course the Dymo tapes - vital for labeling the moving crates, not that a biro wouldn't do and just forget the fact that I am using this as an excuse for getting those tapes for doing my journaling on scrapbook layouts.

Add to that some black crackle naipolish and a pampering skin set from Elemis (I am starting a detox tomorrow, it's my bribe for sticking with it), well.... c'mon mister postman, where the heck are you?

And who will help me bury my debit card?

Edit: Packages! My Elemis came with TWO 125ml bottles of free bathing stuff, what a luxury, what generous freebies! One is a muscle soak, how did they know we were moving soon and I'd probably be aching for days? The printer trays are so cute and oooh, Tim Holtz Rosette & Ticket Strip dies, the things I'll do with those!


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