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Well, not *that* beyond. I haven't really updated since starting my new job but I've been too busy - getting used to the new schedule, getting used to travelling 75 miles every day and loads of overtime to make up for the fact that I'm going on holiday next Sunday. I haven't had a Saturday off since the beginning of July and I am well knackered.

The job is ok though it's mostly my colleagues that make it fun - the work itself is just glorified customer service work with pressure form crappy management to get us to take on as much overtime as possible (unpaid, but we can take time off for it) as a lot of libraries are understaffed and they're unwilling to employ people. Out of the full-time staff at our library, only the branch manager has a permanent contract, the rest of us are on temporary "we can fire you anytime" contracts. Lovely. And the work is mostly boring bordering on tedious - can't see how anyone can do that job for 30 years. But I have fab people I work with, so that's good.

Tonight we're going to see a puppy! We are (hopefully, if we are considered good candidates) getting a wee Cocker Spaniel girl come September. It'll mean a big change in daily routine and I doubt Fumble will be pleased, but she's rarely pleased about things anyway.

I am in the process of packing, doing laundry and just getting ready for take-off on Sunday - 10 days of beach and Orxata and books and just lazing about a lot in the SUN. Can't wait.
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