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Well, it's been a bad week on top of a couple more bad weeks - nothing earth shattering but constant really frustrating niggles in home life and work and I can't wait to pack up my other half and bugger off to Germany. Only have to be at work from 7 - 10 today (though the reason isn't great, builders and our landlord, eyeroll) and then tomorrow we sort out last minute problems (our neighbour bailed on us so no clue what to do with the cats during our hols).

Had been looking forward to receiving a lovely coat tomorrow but just had to cancel that - I had paid extra for nominated day delivery on Friday and have just seen that the retailer expects customers from NI to nominate a day early to get it on the correct day. How come their automated system can't figure that out? Shouldn't have been my job, and I am really gutted. I will be cold!

Small worries, and others have to wrestle with much bigger problems this time of the year so I shouldn't moan. I hope everyone is having a great festive season!
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OK, so there are a million things that I should write about work, life, all sorts of things. But I'm in a Hawaii 5-O kick right now and in all the fandom stuff I've sorted through, how come there's nothing written about Danny's wee tattoo on his hand? Cause people really go on and on about Steve's admittedly more impressive body deco but hey, fandom, what gives?


Jun. 28th, 2012 09:41 am
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There was a horrendous downpour yesterday, thankfully the world started to end about 20 minutes after I arrived home - extensive flooding in Belfast meant that quite a number of roads I usually take were not passable. That didn't stop people from trying and so it transpires that most photos of the disaster seem to be of PSNI riot cars stalled in the floodwater with the police officers standing on the roofs of their cars. Like so.

How dense can you get?

Oh, and of course Ulster Bank has had problems for about 10 days now. What it means for us? It's the end of the month, today is payday and neither me nor my other half got paid. Which, frankly, sucks. Esp. as we're still under an Amber warning and I just really hope I make it back home tonight, cause this is a road I often take and was originally going to take yesterday: Maybe not...

I guess I have to be grateful for the chaos the Queen caused around here because all my usual routes lead me past Stormont so I went across the countryside.

I have a really bad cold and have to drive halfway across NI for Microsoft Word training and afterwards work til 8. Wish me luck - maybe I should wear a wetsuite and pack a kayak, just in case.
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I haven't posted in AGES - first I was too stressed, then I was too busy, then I was just having too much fun. But I guess I should update this thing here more often! But there's not much I can talk about. Work is better, we're on a new schedule which means I don't work late so often. The 70 mile commute remains, even though the keep on promising to move me closer but can't get themselves sorted out.

The wedding, well. In short: )
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Because I don't work Monday but it's a public holiday I have to take those 7.3 hours allocated to me, which is why today is a day off work. It has been a crap fortnight that has made me realize that I need to change something in my life sooner rather than later, and I was really looking forward to just being able to charge my batteries and get a couple of things done around the house. Instead, I have a stinking cold. Of COURSE.

I had a groupon for a facial and the appointment is this afternoon - I was nervous about the experience anyway but now I am really no longer looking forward to it. Bah.


Mar. 31st, 2012 09:46 pm
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Today was one giant arsebag of a day, follow-on to one giant disaaaaaahster of a week. Sometimes it's really not worth getting out of bed - for a whole month or so.
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I forked out 330£ for repairs and check-ups on my car last week, including 2 new tyres and 1 tyre repair. OH has just come back from taking the dog for a walk, and he was gone for AGES because a tyre went flat while he was out and about and he had to change it out in the middle of nowhere with an excited puppy in the back of the car.

Cruel cruel world. And my MOT is on the 24th!
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I am getting married! I'm very jazzed and in full planning mode and very very happy, although trying to organise a wedding in Germany from the UK is going to be interesting... I am pouring over bridal magazines, websites and of course the wonderful offbeatbride.com.

I would be able to enjoy all of this much more if my job didn't continue to be a pita only redeemed by my fantastic colleagues.

And I could do without text messages from my mom who's on holiday in Spain, telling my that she's tripped and broken her foot.

Or the dog and cats trying to kill each other (well, the dog wants to lick and wag them to death, they just want to kill her!).

But it all doesn't matter because there will an almighty party next year! I love parties.
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but amazon.co.uk has all 7 seasons of Buffy in a nice box-set for under 40£. I bought them mainly because Maureen re-watches the entire series about 1-2 a year and has Thomas' dvds so I bought a set for ourselves. It doesn't seem fair to deprive the woman.
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Usually we like to do something, take a day trip to a museum or the planetarium, but this year we're just grateful we both have half a day off together. I have a stinking cold and was wondering why it wasn't getting any better - I didn't turn the heating on all day yesterday to save oil but looking at the thermometer in the kitchen this morning it was 12C so maybe that's why I am feeling worse today. *lightbulb*

We're seeing the new Muppets film this afternoon and when shall just cuddle on the sofa - I've made my usual cake, it's just not the 14th of February without it. Even my mom whines if I'm home and don't make it so that's saying something.

The house is a slow but steady progress. We redecorated the rooms upstairs and while my mom was here we bought lots of boxes but we still haven't managed to empty the downstairs desk, carry it upstairs and free the space for a dining table.

It's all very domestic at the moment but with the commute & work hours I have no energy for more exciting things. Hope everyone is having a good day and just spoil yourself with a nice box of chocolates or a funky bubble bath - that's the main reason Valentine's Day exists, in my book!
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Loves her mommy, really. Hopefully we'll get to chill over the weekend, this was supposed to be relaxing! Lovely night out (no Haggis at the pub :-( ) and I'm back at work tomorrow.
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Well, the beyond that comes sometime after sanity, that is. Christmas was ok (no proper tree?!) and since the new year started I have been constantly running. With taking the train to work comes the fact that my work days are now between 11 and 14 hours long and after ALL the hullaballoo about our library losing hours (we're understaffed, it makes me feel bad but us staff wouldn't have minded) they have now rethought and wrangled more money from the ministry so instead we are getting 3.5 hours MORE. Manager still not happy, but what to I care at this point. At least I'll still have a job for the foreseeable future.

Money is tight and I have to admit I compensate for not having time for anything like hobbies by shopping which makes things worse. Have to sit on my hands for the next couple of months there.

The house - damp and without storage as it is - hasn't been tended to properly since before Christmas and my MOTHER IS COMING ON TUESDAY! Thomas spent yesterday while I was at work with an industrial strength carpet cleaner and it has indeed defeated the flighty stains and crud that was on the upstairs carpet since we moved in. That the landlord should've sorted that out before we moved in is beside the point at this rate. We also repainted and I'm going to claim the 2nd bedroom as my craft & music room.

One question and favour I have - does anyone have a PINTEREST invite? I know I was offered one before a long while ago and never responded :-(

Off to do more cleaning and lug furniture.

Have I mentioned I have a mystery rash? I itch everywhere :-( Probably comes from having to work so much with children. They've now finagled me into leading the Rhythm & Rhyme when my colleague is off - singing and clapping with toddlers, just what I have ALWAYS dreamed of doing when I did my fucking degree.


Oct. 9th, 2011 10:29 am
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This is the first weekend we can take doggie outside!!!!! We visited Grandma up in Portstewart and I went crafting and all the crafters cooed and awwed over Maike, which she enjoyed very much. I wasn't going to take her into the shop but Sarah (shop owner) is pregnant (eeeee!) and with her wheelchair and bump she couldn't really navigate to see her so Thomas carried the pup inside. The groomer round the corner cut her nails for us while chatting with us and didn't charge for it, which was really nice, as well.

I have cancelled my audible membership and grazebox subscription and joined the land of iPhone owners (if my checks go through, eff knows how these things get decided), can't wait for my new baby to land at the end of the month.

In other news, OUCH. I had a nasty fall on the stairs yesterday - when they put the new flooring in, the carpet layers decided to ignore the hole in the floor and instead of filling it to just carpet over it. I thought it was just a missing floorboard underneath but now that the carpet has some give I found out, to my ankle's great pain, that it is a great big bloody whole on the landing. Down I went, with the laundry and everything else on top of me, cursing. Knee scraped bloody and a twisted ankle that looks slightly misshaped today - OH sent them an angry email so hopefully the landlord will get it sorted as its a menace.

Today we're taking Maike for another walk and then we're off to Ikea and the afternoon will be spent cleaning & tidying fun. Oh, and the cats need to be Frontlined - I have iffy bitemarks that itch like the devil after Fumble slept between my knees.

And now I have to go, the bitch has stolen my trousers!
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  • dog crate + bed (36", restricted access at first to be enlarged as Maike grows)

  • 2 baby gates (one for upstairs where she'll live while we're out, one for kitchen so cats don't slip out when we're toilet training every 20 minutes)

  • Maglite 4D (so I am not too scared to go out into the garden with her if she needs to go at night)

  • dog mattress topper (dog mattress bed to be bought when she's bigger, 3 Peaks stuff from P@H is grand)

  • weird blue-striped horsey chew & cuddly toy

  • puppy waggle and puppy Kong (to be stuffed and frozen for entertainment and teething)

  • squeaky wiggly cuddly pull toy

  • buckwheat cuddly rag thing that can be warmed up

  • wee puppy treats

  • dog whistle

  • clicker (all for recall training, first order of the day so I'm not nervous about letting her off lead later)

  • puppy shampoo (thank goodness she's a working Cocker, not only my favourite but also less trouble when it comes to grooming)

  • disposable travel bowls (for the glove compartment)

  • dicky Bag, hand sanitizer, poo bags

  • goat's milk

Still waiting an ebay seller I bought bowls from to get back to me and he isn't so I need to do a quick emergency shop for two wee bowls at P@H. Only problem now is that the dogfood the breeder's wife said he feeds doesn't exist anymore - she must've gotten it wrong.

This is my girl. Or one of her siblings, it's actually quite hard to tell!

I should maybe update about work or something but tbh I cannot be bothered. I love my colleagues but we keep on getting screwed around by management and it's just too frustrating to think about. Hope everyone is keeping well!
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wish I hadn't bothered spending 100£ I didn't have on a plane ticket home for mt 30th, instead of a decent part it's just going to be same old same old, grannies & great-aunties telling me how I've put on weight. Should've grabbed my 100£, Thomas & the dog and gone on a holiday. Sad :-(


Aug. 17th, 2011 09:14 pm
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We're going on holiday Sunday and MiL will cat sit in our house for 10 days and the house needs to be tidy and cleaned up by then - and here I am with a big cold and a fever. I SO wanted to get back to work tomorrow, we're understaffed and I feel guilty as hell about staying at home. But I don't want to drag out this cold, I want to be able to enjoy my holidays!

Not a happy bunny.
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Today I am at home with the lurgy - I got rained on last night at the kennels and then the car trip home did me in. It's always cartrips like that, in cold & damp weather, that really wreck me so today I have a really sore throat and a temperature and will lounge on the sofa, play too much Mario and Plants vs. Zombies and just be full of glee.

Considering I often step on Fumble because she's between my feet it'll be interesting to cope with our pup. It was all set to go very wrong indeed - we couldn't reach him via phone so we just headed out but when he finally answered his mobile he said he was down South and could we come back another day? After some negotiating he said we could try and catch his wife at home so we went on. Well, when we arrived no one was in, only his hunting dogs greeted us with rather raucous barking, but thankfully wive was at Zumba with a neighbour and heard the dogs at said neighbours house so they came zooming in. She put Roxy, the mom, into the garden and she and her friend played with the pups and handed us the two wee bitches. I liked the wee one I was holding but the one in Thomas's hands really caught my attention - she just wasn't scared and her tail was wagging and wagging and wagging!

They were a rowdy bunch and there was a lot of nipping at shoelaces and tugging at trouser bottoms and tumbling over each other. The girl we picked kept on trying to climb back over the wooden enclosure to get back to us - I take that as a good sign. She was the rowdiest one of them all and I do wonder what I've let myself in for.

I was wondering about the set up as he had several kennels with dogs in his garden but I think it's ok. We chatted to his wife and she told us it was Roxy's first litter and she had her eyes and hips checked by the vet to make sure she wasn't passing hereditary problems on, the dad was imported from Rytex kennels which have a good reputation and they don't overbreed the dogs, either. She says Roxy will probably have one more litter in a couple of years and that's it.

Roxy was an absolute sweetheart. We met her at the backdoor and she scampered around the kitchen and greeted us with nothing but sweetness and insisted on having her belly rubbed - in fact we barely managed to get her back out in the garden, she was loving the attention way too much.

Overall I had the feeling of very happy working dogs that were well-behaved and well socialised and even the puppies, considering they were only 5 weeks old, were very calm and social even though their mom wasn't there when we interacted with them.

Meike has wee button eyes, a wee white star on her chest and three white toes on her right back paw. We pick her up on the 9th of September.
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Well, not *that* beyond. I haven't really updated since starting my new job but I've been too busy - getting used to the new schedule, getting used to travelling 75 miles every day and loads of overtime to make up for the fact that I'm going on holiday next Sunday. I haven't had a Saturday off since the beginning of July and I am well knackered.

The job is ok though it's mostly my colleagues that make it fun - the work itself is just glorified customer service work with pressure form crappy management to get us to take on as much overtime as possible (unpaid, but we can take time off for it) as a lot of libraries are understaffed and they're unwilling to employ people. Out of the full-time staff at our library, only the branch manager has a permanent contract, the rest of us are on temporary "we can fire you anytime" contracts. Lovely. And the work is mostly boring bordering on tedious - can't see how anyone can do that job for 30 years. But I have fab people I work with, so that's good.

Tonight we're going to see a puppy! We are (hopefully, if we are considered good candidates) getting a wee Cocker Spaniel girl come September. It'll mean a big change in daily routine and I doubt Fumble will be pleased, but she's rarely pleased about things anyway.

I am in the process of packing, doing laundry and just getting ready for take-off on Sunday - 10 days of beach and Orxata and books and just lazing about a lot in the SUN. Can't wait.


Jul. 20th, 2011 11:18 pm
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I now know TWO people who're auditioning for parts in the next season of Game of Thrones. I am II this far away from getting my Peter Dinklage autograph!

(I might've seen a couple of pages of script from an episode...... *whistles*)


Jun. 20th, 2011 11:27 am
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I've just accepted a position as library assistant - it's full-time but temporary which means on a week to week basis. It's also an hour's drive away. But it will get me out of the house and it will help replenish our rather depleted savings so that's a good thing. Nervous? Hell yes, I'm sitting here with shaking hands as I write this. But a good thing, I think. Now I just need to train myself to go to bed at a reasonable time.
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