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Well, the beyond that comes sometime after sanity, that is. Christmas was ok (no proper tree?!) and since the new year started I have been constantly running. With taking the train to work comes the fact that my work days are now between 11 and 14 hours long and after ALL the hullaballoo about our library losing hours (we're understaffed, it makes me feel bad but us staff wouldn't have minded) they have now rethought and wrangled more money from the ministry so instead we are getting 3.5 hours MORE. Manager still not happy, but what to I care at this point. At least I'll still have a job for the foreseeable future.

Money is tight and I have to admit I compensate for not having time for anything like hobbies by shopping which makes things worse. Have to sit on my hands for the next couple of months there.

The house - damp and without storage as it is - hasn't been tended to properly since before Christmas and my MOTHER IS COMING ON TUESDAY! Thomas spent yesterday while I was at work with an industrial strength carpet cleaner and it has indeed defeated the flighty stains and crud that was on the upstairs carpet since we moved in. That the landlord should've sorted that out before we moved in is beside the point at this rate. We also repainted and I'm going to claim the 2nd bedroom as my craft & music room.

One question and favour I have - does anyone have a PINTEREST invite? I know I was offered one before a long while ago and never responded :-(

Off to do more cleaning and lug furniture.

Have I mentioned I have a mystery rash? I itch everywhere :-( Probably comes from having to work so much with children. They've now finagled me into leading the Rhythm & Rhyme when my colleague is off - singing and clapping with toddlers, just what I have ALWAYS dreamed of doing when I did my fucking degree.
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