Mar. 9th, 2012

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I am getting married! I'm very jazzed and in full planning mode and very very happy, although trying to organise a wedding in Germany from the UK is going to be interesting... I am pouring over bridal magazines, websites and of course the wonderful

I would be able to enjoy all of this much more if my job didn't continue to be a pita only redeemed by my fantastic colleagues.

And I could do without text messages from my mom who's on holiday in Spain, telling my that she's tripped and broken her foot.

Or the dog and cats trying to kill each other (well, the dog wants to lick and wag them to death, they just want to kill her!).

But it all doesn't matter because there will an almighty party next year! I love parties.
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I forked out 330£ for repairs and check-ups on my car last week, including 2 new tyres and 1 tyre repair. OH has just come back from taking the dog for a walk, and he was gone for AGES because a tyre went flat while he was out and about and he had to change it out in the middle of nowhere with an excited puppy in the back of the car.

Cruel cruel world. And my MOT is on the 24th!


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